torstaina, helmikuuta 28, 2013

Suloisia avaimenperiä / Cute keychains

Tämä kuva on tainnut jäädä esittelemättä blogissa. Kuvassa on kaksi avaimenperää. Pyöreä pieni on tehty kutistemuovista: leimasin Penny blackin kuvat mustalla StazOnilla ja väritin liituväreillä, ja sitten kutistin uunissa. Toinen on valmis avaimenperäaihio, johon ei tarvinnut kuin tehdä paperi sisään. Leimasin siihenkin Penny Blackin ihania hahmoja ja väritin.

 I don't think I have showed these keychains in my blog before. The first one on the left is made of shrinking plastic. I stamped the image with black StazOn and colored with chalk before the oven. I cut it perfectly round, but the shrinking wasn't so perfect, hence the oval shape. The other one was ready-made keychain thing, I stamped and colored the image inside.

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5 kommenttia:

Fabiola kirjoitti...

c'est adorable, quelle jolie idée, biz

Nimetön kirjoitti...

hi, this is Tinkermel from sylvanian runboard. I love the hedgehog keychain very much. Where does that image come from, it looks so adorable.

Suvenkorento kirjoitti...

Hi Tinkermel! Thanks for your sweet comment. The hedgehog is a stamp by Penny Black. It's available as a red rubber stamp and in a clear stamp set:

The shrink plastic piece is also stamped with a Penny Black hedgehog:

Unknown kirjoitti...

I'm Tinkermel~ Thank you very much, Suvenkorento! There are so many cute stamps in this website, I even can not decide which one is better! Maybe I need more than one? Hahaa

Suvenkorento kirjoitti...

I know, I love Penny Black stamps :) I already have too more than I need, but still so many cuties out there. This is the one, that made me fall in love with Penny Black:

By the way, I recommend buying them through PB Stamps if possible. Their prices are lower, and the only one with retired stamps in stock.