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Taas uusi kuva sanakirjaan. Cirruksesta innostuneena leimasin Rachelle Ann Millerin pilvileiman Tumbled glass musteella ja väritin Picket fence Distress markerilla. Minusta siitä tuli aika pilvimäisen näköinen. The Craft Barn haaste.

For the word 'cirrus' I stamped Rachelle Ann Miller cloud stamp with Tumbled glass distress ink and colored with Picket fence Distress marker. I hope my entries aren't too simple for the Craft Barn challenge, but this is the kind of dictionary I want.

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Chris kirjoitti...

Hello Suvenkorento I just read what you wrote on TLC about your computer ink. Have you tried to heat set your ink? All you have to do is take your embossing heat gun and heat the ink after you print. It should set the ink. It works for me using mineral spirits. Hope it works for you too.